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Name Paddington
Primary Breed Dachshund
Availability Ready to Adopt
Age 5 months: DOB: August 4, 2022
Coat & Colour Medium length coat; brown and white
Size  16 lbs.
Secondary Breed huskey
Temperament Sweet, cuddly, affectionate, playful, happy, energetic, smart, vocal and talkative.
Good with Dogs Yes
Good with Cats Not tested but not likely.  He has high prey drive
Good with Kids Not tested with under 12 year old
Needs another Dog Yes, preferred
Needs to be an Only Dog No
Housetraining Yes. He goes to the door but doesn't bark so you must pay attention.
Crate Trained Yes. Crate is used for bedtime and for short stints during the day.
Suitable for Apartment

No. he needs room to run and play.


Northern Canadian Humane Society surrender

Adoption Fee $750

And now a few words from me

Hello, my name is Paddington and I’m the most awesome boy. I came to Ontario from Nunavut and I have to say I love your snow! I could spend hours playing outside and I really enjoy going for long wintery walks. My longest walk so far is 5 km and I was a champ! I’m a sweet, smart and cuddly pup. I already know several commands like “down” and “sit” and I’m working on “come” and “leave it”. I have lots of energy and I enjoy playing tug, fetch and chewing on my bones. I’m a busy little man according to my foster mom, but what I really think she means is that I’m entertaining. I love to run and play until my batteries fall out and then I take a nap to recharge and do it all again. When I’m not being cute and joyful, I really love to cuddle. I love snuggling on your lap, getting my belly rubbed and being kissed behind the ears. I think the best home for me would be with a family that has lots of time to devote to playing, training and cuddling with me,  and if they have another fur friend that I could wrestle and run with that would be great. A fully fenced backyard with room to explore would be pretty awesome too!

And now a few words from my foster family:

Paddington is an amazing pup. There isn’t much known about his beginnings but he has flown a long way to find a perfect home. He is a very smart and energetic dog, who requires long daily walks and plenty of room to run in order to curb his exuberant nature. He is not suited for an apartment or a family that works long hours away from home. He has proven to be an excellent student and has done well with his training. He is almost fully housebroken now and will go sit by the back door when he wants to go out. He doesn’t bark so it’s important to pay close attention to him to avoid accidents. He loves to work on his tricks and enjoys being rewarded for his success. He has learned “sit” and “down” with ease and is continuing to practice a few more. He is highly motivated by treats. When he isn’t playing with his toys, exploring the backyard, or chewing on his bones, he is snuggling. Paddington loves to cuddle and will come and lay in your lap for kisses and pets any chance that he can get. He is sweet and kind, and excellent with other dogs and older children. He has demonstrated a strong prey drive, so he should be considered a flight risk if given the chance to give chase. While he was originally crate trained for bedtime, Paddington has since graduated and now sleeps on the floor, in the bedroom, on his dog mat. If he has to use the bathroom he will wake you up to let you know, otherwise he will see you in the morning. Paddington’s perfect family would be experienced dog owners who are active and want to invest the time into helping him continue developing his skills and confidence. The ideal home for him has a large backyard that is fully fenced so he can spend time playing outside in the snow whenever he wants. He would also make the perfect companion for another younger pup that needs a playmate, as Paddington loves to wrestle and play with other dogs. He would not be happy as an only dog. Paddington’s future “pawrents’ should be outdoorsy and enjoy long walks to allow Paddington to explore his surroundings and nature, even when it’s snowy. Paddington has exhibited some signs of resource guarding, which we are working on in foster care with success, along with establishing leash manners and becoming comfortable with collar grabs. This continued training, as well as a willingness to invest in additional training if necessary, will be an asset to Paddington’s continued development and happiness as a family pup. When he needs to be home alone, Paddington will need to be kept in an extra-large crate or a room, such as a mudroom. As a Northern dog, Paddington gets hot easily and likes to frequently change up his position to find cooler ground, the larger crate or a mudroom will allow him the opportunity to do so, keeping him calm and comfortable while you are gone. Currently being Fostered in Barrie Area.