Lily (Lilypad)


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Name Lily (Lilypad)
Primary Breed Dachshund
Availability Ready to Adopt
Age 6 yrs old
Coat & Colour Long har, black and tan
Size 10 LB
Secondary Breed N/A
Temperament Indifferent until she gets to know someone
Good with Dogs It really depends on the dog, she seems to prefer samller male dogs that are not in your face
Good with Cats Unknown
Good with Kids No
Needs another Dog NO 
Needs to be an Only Dog NO but it really depends on the other dog
Housetraining No; work in progress
Crate Trained No; used an x-pen at this time
Suitable for Apartment



Owner surrender

Adoption Fee $450

And now a few words from me:

Hi!  I’m Lily, aka Lilypad!   I’m small and quirky, and the world is a big scary place for me.  It takes me time to trust people and I really need someone who is patient and will take the time needed to help me adjust to a new home.  I can get a little sassy in certain situations but my foster momma can tell you more about that.  I love eating and going for short walks, but I hate the cold!  I don’t mind being left alone, but sometimes I get lonely and howl.  Once I know my person and feel that I can trust them, I enjoy hanging out with them.  I don’t mind dogs but prefer if they ignore me and aren’t a pushover, as I can be a bit of a bully in certain situations.  Not gonna lie… I’m not a fan of using the outdoors as my bathroom but I heard my foster mom say that I’m improving, so maybe summer will help with that. I just need a quiet place to hang with people who are kind and patient and can give me the time I need to get comfy.

And now a few words from my foster family:

***Please DO NOT apply for Lilypad if you live in an apartment or have young kids under the age of 18 in your life.

Lilypad is a funny little gal.  She has come a long way since first arriving into foster care, but still has quite a way to go and would do best in a home with a person or couple with experience with dogs that have behavioural issues. Lily is 6 years young and has a few health issues, but they don’t slow her down.  She has an eye condition in one eye called Nystagmus, as well as the beginning of cataract in that same eye.  She also has a grade 2 luxating patella in one of her knees which limits her ability to go up a lot of stairs (and sometimes down, depending on the stairs), so limited stair use is best.  Lily does take some time to warm up as she has some trust issues, as well as resource guarding issues when a barrier, such as a crate or pen, is involved.  She will also guard space, so a specific protocol was used to help her overcome this, however with each new person there is still an adjustmet period as this behaviour was deeply ingrained, and she will not hesitate to bite. She can be a little fussy at the vet and for grooming, but once you have established some trust she is quite sweet. Housetraining for Lily continues to be a challenge as she seems to have been trained on pee pads (she will also go on carpets near the exit door).  She seems to be able to hold her bladder for anywhere between 4-6 hours.  If emptied right before bed (around 11:30 pm), she can hold it until 7 am, but again, we are working hard on this and it will be important for someone to keep track of this as required.  Lily seems to be quite dog-neutral if the dogs are able to ignore her. She has bullied dogs in previous foster homes but has not had issues with the dogs in her current foster home, however those dogs are happy to ignore her.  Lily’s favourite activity seems to be short walks on relatively warm days; she is tolerant of wearing a coat and walks very well on a harness.  Overall, once you get to know Lily she is a very sweet little gal, but she does have some issues that will likely need to be worked on for a long period of time, as they are fairly ingrained. More info will be provided to suitable candidates. FOSTERED IN OTTAWA -MANDATORY MEET AND GREET .