Titus & Lincoln 

(Bonded Pair)


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Name Titus & Lincoln
Primary Breed Dachshund
Availability Ready to Adopt
Age 8
Coat & Colour Smooth Red
Size 20 lbs & 17 lbs
Secondary Breed N/A
Temperament Very energetic, loving, anxious
Good with Dogs Unknown
Good with Cats Yes, but will sometimes chase
Good with Kids No
Needs another Dog Bonded Pair
Needs to be an Only Dog Bonded Pair
Housetrained Yes, but need a schedule
Crate Trained Yes
Suitable for Apartment

No, they love to bark when left alone


Owner surrender

Adoption Fee $750

And now a few words from us:

Hi everyone! We’re Titus and Lincoln. We’re both very handsome, as you can see. We’re very cuddly and just really want some humans to love. We’re a bonded pair and need to be together. We love to sleep, eat, and play together. But don’t be fooled, we may love each other but will love our humans even more. We don’t like to be left alone and will bark a lot, so an apartment would not be suitable for us. We
love our toys and really love blankets; we like to borrow and snuggle up together.
We get along with the resident Miniature Dachshund, and other dogs in general, but we’re really more interested in our people. We’re okay with the two resident cats but will chase them occasionally!
Apparently, we’re on a diet because we’re a little “chunky” (especially Titus), but we do love to walk and play so with discipline and fewer treats we should be able to get to an ideal weight. We would love an active family that is home a lot. When the day is over, we’re happy to snuggle with you on the couch.

And now a few words from my foster family:

Titus and Lincoln are very sweet boys, although they can be anxious. They are very bonded, and Lincoln does protect Titus from other dogs.  Lincoln is a bit more reserved, preferring not to run to strangers to be petted, whereas Titus is all about the love (Titus lets Lincoln take charge for the most part). They would do best as the only dogs in the home, and with people who are there a lot. They do bark with you leave but do not become destructive. Titus is overweight and we are working on getting some weight off so this will need to be continued and monitored in his new home. Both boys have had IVDD episodes in the past that were treated with medication. It will be very important to not allow them to jump on and off furniture and carried up and down stairs.

Titus and Lincoln love their sleeping in their crate and enjoy being there when they are left alone. They are housetrained when on a regular routine and will not soil in their crate. They are quiet when asking to go outside for bio breaks, so they will need to learn where to ask to go when they need to do their business; they will do best when taken out on a schedule. They have had accidents inside when they are left alone, but never in their crate.

Titus and Lincoln need to go to an active home with owners who are there most of the time. Their new family will need to be committed to walking them regularly and working on their weight-loss plan. They need practice on a leash, but love to walk and explore!

These boys are very social once they get to know you… which takes about 30 minutes! They give kisses and tail wags, are very snuggly, and love to cuddle up with their favourite people. With the right rules and boundaries, particularly where Lincoln does not think he needs to look out for himself and his brother, they are amazing boys and will be a wonderful addition to their furever family.